Token Utility

As longtime users of crypto, we understand that there is an excess of projects and tokens that have no actual utility or long-term value propositions, which is why we've come together to excel from the rest.

The $PEFI token is the lifeblood of the Penguin Finance Ecosystem. Penguins are able to stake their tokens to receive both staking rewards and fees that are collected by applications within the Penguin Finance Ecosystem. Rather than being purely speculative, PEFI's value is derived from the fees that are collected from the protocol's users and its utility within PeFi, as well as burning mechanisms. PEFI tokens will have a wide arrange of applications ranging from their use in custom yield farming strategies, our upcoming ultra low-fee Prediction Markets, NFTs, and the famed Penguin Arena.

The Penguin Community is always proposing new use cases and additions to the PEFI token whose supply mechanisms have been built with long-term holders in mind. It is against our nature to dilute Early Penguins for the benefit of others, the PEFI token has many built-in burning mechanisms and deflationary implementations to ensure it is continuously appreciating in value for both newcomers and legacy holders.