Penguin (PEFI)

Ticker: PEFI

Contract address: 0xe896CDeaAC9615145c0cA09C8Cd5C25bced6384c

Chain: Avalanche C-Chain (ERC-20)

Max Supply: 21,000,000 PEFI

Emission Rate: The target long-term emission rate is 1 PEFI/block (considering 1s block times). Given this block speeds will most likely be higher, emission rates will be adjusted to target a set amount of PEFI per week. The initial rate of 6.15 PEFI/block during the Turbo Phase will be lowered gradually over time.

Block Time Explanation

10% of minted PEFI goes to the team's address as incentives and to hire more developers for further project growth. There are no pre-allocated developer funds.