An astonishing 25% of the Total PEFI supply will be distributed in a fair fashion by airdropping it to our community and several key projects that will help further the Penguin Mission, both appreciating the value and reach of our token.

We understand that many are concerned given the history of famous projects crashing the price of their token and hurting original HODLers by diluting it through massive airdrops. Given Penguin Finance is a long-term project with a dedicated team of supporters, we aren't in any rush to airdrop the entire allocation of PEFI. Early Penguins will receive their fair share of PEFI to ensure no Penguin is left behind.

To better protect the holders of our tokens, we have designed a strategic agenda, distributing the 25% airdrop allocation in small key airdrops over a long time frame. Additionally, in the mid-term, depending on the community that's being targeted, we're implementing time lock mechanisms and penalties to punish newcomers who plan to dump the token as soon they receive it.

Our number one priority will always be to protect the value of our token and ensure Penguins' wealth continues to grow alongside the project.