Deflationary Mechanisms

In order to increase $PEFI's value over time and balance the circulating supply of our token, the token was engineered with several key burning mechanisms in place:

  • 3% of all withdrawals from the Penguin Igloos are used to market buy $PEFI and burn it.

  • 100% of the paper hands penalty (PPL) collected from the Penguin Nests is immediately burnt. This in turn increases the value of investors that are inside of the Nests, as the circulating supply has been lowered.

  • A percentage of the fees generated by the following dApps will also be used to market buy $PEFI and immediately burn it forever:

    • Penguin Arena

    • Penguin Emperor

    • Prediction Markets

    • CryptoPenguins

    • Other upcoming dApps

These features reduce the amount of $PEFI to ever be created, making it impossible for circulating supply to ever reach the established hard cap of 21,000,000 PEFI tokens.